Man Who Weighs 50 Stone Sits Naked Playing Video Games

Credit: TLC

A gamer who sits in the nude all day speaking to people within his online community says he will eat himself to death one day.

Casey King says he never expected to be living with his dad with no job or real money, playing video games and eating all day at the age of three.

He currently weighs more than 50 stone, according to The Sun, and moved in with his dad after his mum kicked him out when he quit his job – because he was 35 stone and it was ‘too difficult to work’.

Casey, from Georgia, US, says that his dad knew one thing that made him happy – food. So the pair ‘ate like kings but in the worst way’.


They would eat pizzas, chicken, Japanese food, take out and ‘sushi by the barrel’.

Casey’s mum kicked him out when he quit his job so he moved in with his dad where he eats all day and plays video games in the nude. Credit: TLC

Speaking as part of a TLC TV series called Family by the Ton, Casey said: “I will just eat until I am dead, probably. I wake up around 12, figure out something I’m going to eat immediately [then it’s] TV, video games, bed – it’s not a lot of activity.”

But what’s the reason for the nakedness you ask? Well, due to the hot weather in Georgia, Casey likes to give his clothing a miss. So he pops on his headset and gets about chatting to other gamers from the comfort of his bed.

Casey added: “I just sit there naked as free as can be and no-one bothers me – door’s shut, we’re good. I’m just safe and video games are where I escape.

Casey uses video games as a way to ‘escape’ playing on them all day, every day. Credit: TLC

“I’m accepted in all those virtual reality worlds and the gaming world that I am in. No-one sees me.

“That is my outside world where I can be the Casey I want to be, but not be judged on my weight.”

For Casey, this has been his harsh reality for some time. He described: “I’ve always been a big kid. At high school, I was probably 300 and something pounds.

“But then I got out of school, got a couple of jobs at a couple of restaurants, I ate at them.”

Casey said he’s always been a ‘big kid’. Credit: TLC

People have sent messages of support to Casey, one reads: “He has a severe eating disorder and mental illness, i dont know him personally but he seems like an ok guy who deserves better, its so much more than like “oh just eat better go to the gym’.”

Another added: “I actually feel for this guy…dont know why, sounds like just another victim addicted to food.”

And a third spurred him on to try and lose some weight saying: “If you can walk from the bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen, you can do more to improve your health. Get up off your rusty dusty and go outside and walk. No excuses”.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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