July 2019 Yoga Calendar – POWER

Scroll down for your free calendar and playlist.

July is here and you are invited to join us for our community theme of POWER.

Last month we focused on further cultivating our self love, self acceptance, and ability to really EMBRACE ourselves. Through the monthly curated playlist and calendar we took the time to consider our motivations and the continued dialogue we have ourselves. Now we are taking all that love and acceptance and tapping into our power.


This month is an opportunity to embrace our power, not forgetting the lessons learned on the mat in June, but taking those tools of self love and self acceptance with us, as we get strong and fit in the most loving way.

Anyone can join, it’s free and all are welcome to take on Power month the FWFG way!


Find What Feels Good Members: (Or Future Members, join here!)

For July, members are invited join together for 30 Days of EMPOWER, a transformative journey I designed 5 years ago in response to the deafening demand for Yoga For Weight Loss and Power Yoga.

I listened, I just did it my way.

This unique series is full of multidisciplinary surprises, from cardio to sculpting, and is also rich with principles of traditional yoga practice & philosophy.

You will see results. And better even still, you will feel something unique, too.

If you are not a Find What Feels Good member, you can do it for a week for free on the membership with the 7 day free trial, or join the fam and take on the full 30 Days.

Or if you are sticking with the free practices on the YouTube channel, I’ve got you covered! Just follow the YouTube alternate videos listed for Week 1 of the calendar then continue with the free calendar all month. Your free YouTube playlist is listed below.

Members, are ready to take on the whole month of Empower? Those interested, check out Empower on the membership website to download the Empower specific calendar, the Empower Guide, and the Empower Daily Messages for your 30 day journey. Please note, the Empower calendar and the two Empower PDFs will not appear on your FWFG app; you need to log onto the membership on the website to access those goodies.

Have a question? Drop it down below and we will respond to support you in your commitment to your practice and your power.

Ready? Let’s do it!

Power Yoga, the FWFG way.


Share your story with #ywaPOWER.

Connect with @adrienelouise and @fwfglife on IG.


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